My Story: Acupressure to Induce Labor at 40 Weeks

January 5, 2012

Acupressure to Induce LaborWhen my due date come I was ready to try anything that even hinted it would help with inducing labor naturally (… like this excellent guide HERE).

From spicy foods and castor oil to having sex and bouncing on ball. All they did was make me feel more uncomfortable, frustrated and irritable than before.

My feet were huge, my back was sore and even through everyone said I wasn’t huge… I sure didn’t feel that way. Getting a 4 hours sleep was a luxury and worst of all…

I was losing my maternity leave. Time that would be better spent with my new born son.

For once my sports mad husband was useful. Picking up regular injuries he’s given up on doctors who tell him to take it easy or rest and resorted to natural remedies and acupuncture – taken from Chinese Medicine.

He gets such good relief he suggested that I give it a try or at least look into it.

So I went along to watch his next session and… didn’t really like the idea of sitting (uncomfortably) infront of another man with a load of needles sticking out of me.

Which is when we discovered and tried acupressure to induce labor at 40 weeks.

It’s similar to acupuncture, the theory is all the same BUT you use pressure applied with finger tips and massage instead of needles.

This was a lot more ‘like me’ as I could have my husband give me a massage and at the same time stimulate key points that would help induce my labor without medical intervention or feeling like a bloated animal anymore.

I could go into the science but it’s best descibed by Dr. Leno Leina right HERE.

The results?

Well right now I’m sitting with my 8 month old baby boy, Leo, who was born 37 hours later after a nice short labor!