What Pressure Points Induce Labor? Maternity Acupressure Points

January 3, 2012

Maternity Acupressure to Induce Labor from Home

Chinese medicine – herbalists and acupunturists – have been helped women induce labor naturally for thousands of years using natural methods safe for mother and child.

When you’re post-term (eg. 40 weeks) and fed up with being pregnant, looking forward to meeting your baby and ready to be a mother – acupressure is well worth investigating.

Maternity Acupressure

You may be familiar with acupuncture which involves using needles to stimulate points around the body. Acupressure works on a similar principle (and the exact same science) to stimulate these same points using nothing other than pressure applied using your hands and fingers tips.

So what pressure points are good for inducing labor naturally?

Here are three of the most popularly stimulated ones.

Spleen 6 to Induce Labor

Spleen 6 can be located on your inside lower leg. Locate your ankle bone (or malleolous) and place three fingers above it – just off your shin bone. This pressure point is particularly sensitive in pregnant women and a great point to stimulate if you want to help inducing labor naturally.

You can press and massage it for up to 10 minutes at a time to help stimulate labor.

Bladder 60 for Inducing Labor Naturally

The bladder 60 pressure point is particularly useful for inducing labor when your baby hasn’t dropped yet. It is one of the more well know acupressure points found between your ankle and achilles tendon.

Include the application of pressure to this point to help your baby decend lower.

Bladder 67 Maternity Acupressure Point

An easily found (and very small point) on your little toe or pinky toe. Stimulating the outside edge of your toe (applying pressure with a painless pinch).

This is very good for mothers-to-be who’ve been feeling stressed and anxious as they approach 40 weeks in addition to helping you baby drop lower.

Final Tips to Help Induce Labor Naturally

Babies are never and should never arrive before your body is ready to give birth… but at the same time when your due day has come (and maybe gone) it’s safe for him or her to make their way into the world.

And if you dont help your own labor trying all naturally means and methods available to you – not only do you slowly lose your precious maternity leave – you run the risk of medical intervention.

Simple tips and investments of your time are well worth it. The feeling of control from applying techniques such as maternity acupressure (which has a lot of evidence supporting it) are all worth while.

Other simple techniques include massaging and rubbing the instep of your foot, creating heat, helping your body to relax and helping to stimulate your naturally birth. This is also very welcome for anyone who’s suffering from water retention during pregnancy (and a nice bit of attention when your feet ache and husband asks if there is anything he can do – now there is)!

To find out more about maternity acupressure and which pressure points induce labor naturally I recommend you check out this website and dowload the report.

Maternity Acupressure



A simple guide that does much much more than help you with your birth – it’s knowledge that will stay with you (maybe for future pregnancies), to help friends, family and maybe – one day – with your grandchildren!

Until then – goodluck with your labor, enjoy being a mother and don’t forget to check out these pressures points for inducing labor naturally!