Safe Way to Induce Labor Naturally Using Simple Acupressure Techniques

In 2010 after almost 38 weeks of pregnancy – I was as big as a house and ‘ready’ to be a mom.

As much as I loved the feeling of being pregnant with my new born – life was just uncomfortable, I felt fat and just wanted to see the new man in my life (we already knew ‘it’ was a boy).

So I started looking around for ways to induce labor naturally – eating spicy foods and drinking castor oil – to having sex.

None of which have been proven and some had me a little bit worried!

My new husband has always been a fan of ‘the alternative’ and regular uses Chinese Medicine (acupuncture in particular) to treat aches and pains from physical work and sport.

Quite often he books himself an appointment with our local acupuncturist and has had massive success with some very old and painful injuries. And that’s when I discovered a very old, tried and tested method called Maternity Acupressure.

It’s a little similar to reflexology, visiting the chiropractor or having acupuncture… without the needles!

Dotted around the body are points which can be stimulated to help the body heal and relieve natural tension. During an acupuncture session needles are pushed into this points (only a handful at a time) which stimulates the body.

Acupressure works in exactly the same way – but instead of using needles – you apply pressure directly to your body using your finger tips.

To stimulate the acupressure points (to aid inducing labor naturally) you simply press the acupressure point firmly and then rub in a circular motion.

You can tell you’ve found the right point because they are usually very sensitive and once you’ve applied pressure you’ll start to feel the muscle contractions at that point.

Does Maternity Acupressure work?

Well first off you’ll never give birth unless your body is ready to… but within a few days of trying these methods the new guy in my life had arrived!

He may have come anyway – you can never be 100% sure – it was definately worth the extra effort to try and speed things up.

For the sake of a few minutes everyday versus waiting another week or two was a good investment of my time as far as I’m concerned!

Plus it’s a safe method for mother and baby – which can never be said for drinking caster oil or taking various herbs.

The best source of information on finding a safe way to induce labor naturally using acupressure for comes from Dr. Lena Leino – author of Easier, Shorter and Safer Birth.

Safe Way to Induce Labor Naturally

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